Say NO to Bad Hair With These 3 Hair Masks

Soft, shiny, hydrated, healthy……HAIR! I’m sure that’s all of our hair goals. Am I right? If you’ve followed me on Instagram then you’ve probably heard me say I think my hair is my best feature and with that it’s important to me to take care good care of it to have it looking as healthy as possible. It’s also important to me to use gentle products and nothing harsh especially since dealing with postpartum hair loss. Today I’m sharing three hair masks…

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FridayFave: My Favorite Body Lotion

Welcome to the first of the FridayFave series. In my FridayFave, as the name can tell, I’ll be sharing a favorite product of mine. It could be a beauty product, piece of clothing, or something else. For today’s FridayFav, I am sharing one of my favorite body lotions or as I like to call it, my liquid gold,…

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