How To Style A T-Shirt Dress


The ultimate comfy piece of clothing to wear once the weather starts to warm up, the t-shirt dress! It’s simply a must have basics. I know a t-shirt dress can seem pretty blah and boring. They tend to be boxy and shapeless. However, with a few additional accessories, you can take your t-shirt dress from blah to fab. A t-shirt dress really is easy to style.

Here’s how I styled the striped t-shirt dress I’m wearing in the pic above for an easygoing, casual yet stylish look on a day of running errands and picking up some groceries.

How I Styled: I opted for a pair of white sneakers, a crossbody bag and tyed a denim jacket around my waist. The white sneakers immediately brightens. The crossbody instantly elevates and tying a denim (you can use a sweater or shirt) adds shape and creates a waistline. Altogether, these additional pieces come together for a stylish look.

SHOP THIS OUTFIT: Striped T-Shirt Dress / Bag

(Unfortunately the exact bag i’m wearing is sold out, but it is available in other colors and a larger size)

Additional Styling Tip: You could even throw on a pair of sunglasses or a baseball cap for a sporty look. You can even skip tying the denim around the waist and just wear the crossbody. The crossbody helps the dress hug your upper body so it’s not just one boxy piece. These style tips can work for any t-shirt dress.

The T-Shirt Dress I’m Wearing: This particular t-shirt dress is lightweight and 100% cotton, which makes it breathable once it really starts to get hot. I love the stripes and pretty color combo as well.

Some More T-Shirt Dress Finds: Here are a few t-shirt dresses that I’ve been eyeing. These are all also 100% cotton and each different in their own way. Using some of the styling tips you can transform any of these into a cute effortless look.

Blue T-Shirt Dress

This blue is just electrifying! Shop.

Cinched Waist T-Shirt Dress

I love the cinched waist on this one. The cinched waist makes it more flattering. Also, black is a classic and this combo is simple enough that it is not going out of style. Shop.

Camo Print T-Shirt Dress

I love a camo print . This print is timeless, so it’s something you can keep around year after year. Shop.

A t-shirt dress is the perfect Spring and Summer basic piece to have in your closet. The t-shirt dress replaces those sweats once those temps start to rise. IMO they hold the same comfort value. I hope you find some of these style tips helpful in elevating your next t-shirt dress outfit.

XO, Michelle

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