FridayFave: My Favorite Body Lotion


Welcome to the first of the FridayFave series. In my FridayFave, as the name can tell, I’ll be sharing a favorite product of mine. It could be a beauty product, piece of clothing, or something else.

For today’s FridayFave, I am sharing one of my favorite body lotions or as I like to call it, my liquid gold, Jergens Oil-Infused Enriching Shea Butter. I picked this as my first share because I often find there are some awesome drugstore products that don’t get the spotlight they deserve in the social media world, this Jergens lotion being one of them. My second reason is, it’s almost winter and we all want hydrated glowing skin. Although, I do use this year round.

Jergens Oil-Infused Enriching Shea butter, in my opinion is a quality moisturizer. When looking for a good quality moisturizer the number one thing I do is look at the ingredients and how it’s formulated. Ingredients are listed from what is mostly in the product to the least. If a product claims to have shea-butter and it’s listed in the ingredients, but there’s 10 ingredients before that, then I hate to tell you, there’s hardly any shea-butter in there, so don’t expect much. Let’s look at the ingredients in this Jergens lotion.

As you see, shea-butter is the second ingredient and that’s what makes this lotion so good and this is what led me to make the purchase. Shea-butter is an amazing ingredient with loads of benefits.

This lotion keeps my skin moisturized , soft and luminous without feeling greasy. I don’t have dry skin, but I did have a little dry patch on my leg and no other moisturizer was able to get rid of it. I tried using a steroid cream as well and it would come right back. After using this lotion, that patch disappeared. I also love that it is super affordable. I absolutely love this moisturizer and I think you will too. This lotion will have you feeling yourself, literally. If you do try this product, I’d love to hear your feedback.

XO, Michelle


Product is linked from a few different retailers. Click on the retailer you’d like to shop.

Target Walmart Amazon Ulta Beauty

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